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Before you post, read this!

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1Before you post, read this! Empty Before you post, read this! on Tue Feb 17, 2015 1:55 am



Forum Rules

1. Be respectful to people when posting on forums.
2. Post in the right section or you will be banned because we enjoy an organized forums.(it's not that hard)
3. Make sure your title matches up with what your posting.
4. No porn videos or pictures.( shouldn't need to explain why)
5. Don't spam your thread to bump it up all the time.(If nobody's posting we are not interested.)
6. Constructive criticism is ok but don't flame on someone.
7. Please post in the right sections.
8. No spam unless it is in the spam section.
9. be respectful of others opinions they are entitled to it.
10. Have fun guys!

Sharing Rules

1. Do not post dangerous content.
2. Don't post links to viruses/malicious content.

Report any bugs you find to an admin/moderator.

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Before you post, read this!

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