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What do you think of this logo?

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1What do you think of this logo? Empty What do you think of this logo? on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:15 pm



I have been working on this design recently for a client and wanted some opinions. Do you think the logo is proportioned well and do you think it looks good? I will put the brief and logo below.


Job Type
Logo Design
Task Outline
Create a Logo Design
Task Description

I need a new Logo and Icon.

-The icon should communicate the energy of the divine feminine and convey a sense of warmth, safety, protection, strength and spirituality.
-The logo will be my name. The font needs to be clean, modern and communicate passion and balance out the spiritual aspect I'm trying to bring forth with the icon.

My biggest concern is once I bring in the spiritual aspect of what I do, it will take away from the results I receive from the services I provide. My treatments are based in science and follow along with the natural physiology of the skin.

I'm based in New York & Albuquerque. I've recently been written up in Vogue magazine. The name of my company is:

Mashell Tabe
Face & Soul (Tag Line)

I like the Gurmukhi MN font... I want something modern and clean for my font. I'm open to variations of this. (to me this is where we can somewhat make the logo feel masculine).

I've attached an old logo created from one of my previous business names. It contains the sketch of the face I'd like to use in my new logo. It feels very feminine and warm to me.

I would also like to to see the face with my tag line ... Face and Soul

I'm open to colors
Logo Text
Mashell Tabe (tag line) Face & Soul

What do you think of this logo? Previe10
What do you think of this logo? Sign_m10

Leave comments below! Thanks for your feedback Smile

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What do you think of this logo?

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