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Mikes Harder Jamaican Lemonade (Can Design)

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1Mikes Harder Jamaican Lemonade (Can Design) Empty Mikes Harder Jamaican Lemonade (Can Design) on Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:18 pm



Here is a can I designed for Mikes Harder: Jamaican Lemonade it was for a contest between graphic designers and I am still waiting on the results telling me if I won or not.

Put my mind at ease and tell me what you think since they are taking a really long time deciding and the anticipation is killing me. bounce

Mikes Harder Jamaican Lemonade (Can Design) 14120110

Ps: if the image looks weird around the sides don't worry that isn't a problem with the design.

#mikesharder #harder #candesign

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Mikes Harder Jamaican Lemonade (Can Design)

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